Some Covers

by Matt Sturgis

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i like songs. there are a lot of songs that i like playing more than my own songs. it's fun to reinterpret other people's work to sort of construe your own meaning out of it/version of it/et al. this is a compilation that will start with four songs and continue having things added to it as i continue to listen to and rerecord songs that other people write.

i don't expect anyone to pay for this collection of songs, but all proceeds from this release from now til forever will be donated to Planned Parenthood, The Trever Project, The Transgender Law Center, The ACLU, various local organizations, or any other beneficial cause that the donator may prefer. times are weird. i'm going to continue to release music while i can.
much love to you all.


released February 3, 2017

all songs are written by someone else

all things played and recorded by Matt Sturgis

1-4 mastered by Jeremy Scott

additional vocals on The Blower's Daughter by Nina Anyayahan

cover art graciously provided by Sarah Sturigs



all rights reserved


Matt Sturgis Upland, California

a musical guy doin musical things

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Track Name: White Face, Black Eyes by AJJ
they had a white face
they had black eyes
they had burns all over their bodies
they had love for my revulsion
and they kissed away my repulsion
they had a white face
and black eyes

the father came
from across the sea
to rescue, rescue
to rescue me

he said "if you spend all your heart
on something that has died
you are not alive
and that can't be your life"

love what you can
love what you can
til it dies
then let it lie
let it fly

he had a white face
he had black eyes
he had burn all over his body
and he was right
Track Name: Today is a Good Day by Anna Ternheim
call me free today
if you see it my way
time on my side
as well as my mind is
it's not with you for sure
no, not anymore
i intend to stay away for good

just a matter how I define
my state of mind
today is a good day

without your company
i have so many holes to fill
at least seven nights a week
killing time
i still feel fine, i guess
my life was a mess
when i shared it with you
i was lonely
now, i'm just alone

just a matter how I define
my state of mind
today is a good day

just a scratch on my ego
i get up in the morning
if we could plan tomorrow
i'll be keeping my mind cold
until the evening when the hours forget me
and the waiting awakes me
and the voices of madness
from my subconscious singing songs of sadness

today is a good day
Track Name: Chamomile by Walter Mitty and his Makeshift Orchestra
long as it's raining, you might as well stay.
sit on the carpet, sippin on chamomile, tell me your day.
i know it's hard but, at least try to explain
you woke up feeling older, disenchanted with the music you play
catastrophically older, numb to the magic of holidays.

well i'll tell you i woke up euphoric, barely retaining the unified theory of basically everything
wandered all day, with no one to tell
i'm afraid if i sleep that i might not remember it.
it'll send me back over the falls
but what with the heartbreak and healing i can't say it's anyone's fault

oh well i know you're tired, and losing your faith
one last quest to find love, prove to us all its still worth the wait
sit by bodies of water, and confide in the rain
i used to be scared, begging for answers or truths i could hold
but trust me, it's moments like this that remind me there's no need to know.
Track Name: The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice
and so it is
just like you said it would be
life goes easy on me
most of the time
and so it is
the shorter story
no love, no glory
no hero in her sky

i can't take my eyes off of you

and so it is
just like you said it should be
we'll both forget the breeze
most of the time
and so it is
the colder water
the blower's daughter
the pupil in denial

i can't take my eyes off of you

did i say that i loathe you?
did i say that i want to
leave it all behind?

i can't take my mind off of you
Track Name: So This is Love by Cinderella ft. Prince C
so this is love
so this is what makes life divine
i'm all aglow and now i know
the key to all heaven is mine
my heart has wings and i can fly
i'll touch every star in the sky
so this is the miracle
that i've been dreaming of

so that was love
it was great it was grand
then it sucks when it ends but so what
you'll learn to be better on your own
and think about what you did wrong
take those lessons and apply them to
the next time your dumb heart sings that song
the one that makes you think
'so this is love'
Track Name: Torn by Ednaswap by Natalie Imbruglia
thought i saw someone brought to life.
they were warm, they came around like they were dignified
and showed me what it was to cry.
well you couldn't be the person i adored.
you don't seem to know, don't seem to care
what your heart is for.
i don't know 'em anymore.

there's nothin' where we used to lie.
conversation has run dry.
that's what's going on;
nothing's fine, i'm torn.

i'm all out of faith.
this is how i feel, i'm cold and i am shamed
lying naked on the floor.
illusion never changed
into something real.
wide awake and i can see the perfect sky is torn.
you're a little late, i'm already torn.

so i guess the fortune teller's right;
i should have seen just what was there
and not some holy light.
but you crawled beneath my veins and now
i don't care, i have no luck.
i don't miss it all that much.
there's just so many things
that i can't touch, i'm torn.

there's nothing where we used to lie
my inspiration has run dry
and that's what is goin' on
nothin's right, i'm torn

i'm all out of faith.
this is how i feel, i'm cold and i'm ashamed
bound and broken on the floor.
you're a little late, i'm already torn.